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We offer complete buying agency services starting from market information, offers, negotiation, preshipment inspections, production and shipment follow up and after sales services. We are dealing in following Textile products:

Vendor Seletion

With extensive experience in our sphere of work, we have a firm understanding of the global requirements of product/textile sourcing and how to fulfill them. Our expert recruitment team proposes the most suitable vendors to our clients based on their specific product and quality specifications. We promise our customers the most competitive prices without any compromise on the quality of the goods. Our sourcing teams are spread out in Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, India and the Middle East.

Product Development

We track the pulse of the textiles product development process by keeping ourselves informed about the latest trends and innovations being introduced and used in the textile industry.

Oasis Textile also collaborates with its vendors to devise and implement product development strategies to fulfill clients’ oft challenging demands. From time to time we even ask our vendors to provide value added services to clients as we are firmly committed to getting the job done.

Price Negotiation

The price of a product depends on the elements essential for its production. We understand that in this cut-throat competitive environment, offering the best prices, matching the required quality of goods for our clients plays a dominating role in sealing the deal with them. We bargain for the best prices for our customers by gaining pertinent knowledge about the local raw material market, the cost of processes and by selecting the most suitable vendors.

Order Placement

Our vendor matrix has been developed and spread globally, which facilitates us in matching our varied clients’ requirements with the right vendor for order placement. We endeavor to tie a product with a suitable vendor based on their proficiency in managing that particular product.

Through its order placement system, the Oasis team ensures optimum utilization of vendor facilities and creates a mutually plausible combination of prices and product quality for both, the vendor and the client.

Production Follow up

Oasis Textile takes on the role of its clients by becoming their eyes and ears throughout the product manufacturing process. Our team of merchandisers and quality control officer’s work hand in hand with the vendor at all stages of order execution. We keep guiding both the client and manufacturer during the production process and also keep the information cycle flowing between both so as to avoid any loopholes. From product designing till the finished product, we ensure that the vendors are aligned with the per-production plan and that the clients are also kept abreast with everything so that any concerns are shared with them at the right time to ensure timely decision making.

Quality Assurance / Inspection

The achievement of Quality Assurance originates from the passionate attention to detail of every step included in any procedure, whether it is carried out scientifically or aesthetically. Our teams of technically trained quality assurance inspectors assess quality by carefully observing and managing all the minor work details in factories. The quality control procedures include on-site inspection, examination of in-line production, and a per-shipment final inspection.

The permanent field presence and management by walking around helps us maintain a transparent and efficient inspection process, which in turn helps us in guiding the manufacturer when required. We work according to our client’s guidelines and if not specified, then according to our own standards derived from years of experience.


We know that in time delivery largely depends on error free documentation of shipments, therefore for the avoidance of any delays in distribution, our merchandising team checks and carefully maintains a comprehensive record of documents. We also make sure that we monitor and process the documentation precisely according to the client’s instructions and regularly update them about the whole shipping procedure.